Sarith L.

Author: WCCIS Canadian Immigration Services Inc. |

Maritza Sierra and her immigration team at WCCIS did a fantastic job helping me get my permanent residency. It is a team that I definitely recommend 100%. She is not only a great professional, attentive, competent, and very decisive, but also a great person in whom you can trust a process as important as this without hesitation; because you will always feel that you are in good hands. She was always close, accompanying me throughout the entire process. Even when I had many personal emergencies, she answered all my questions and requests quickly, she was in charge of preparing my file and was very patient while navigating any request from immigration. She has a lot of knowledge in the area and was able to guide me through it in order to find the best option that suited my case. Not only did she successfully complete my process, but she went above and beyond every step of the way because she was always interested in understanding my situation and looking for what was best for me. I have carried out all the processes of my family with her and her work team, and I will always return to her in the future if I require immigration assistance again. I especially want to thank Maritza for her invaluable attention, and for being so attentive to me, my family, and my case; I congratulate her on her great work, her services are excellent! I don't have enough words to thank her for her excellent work!