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    Maritza Sierra and her immigration team at WCCIS did a fantastic job helping me get my permanent residency. It is a team that I definitely recommend 100%. She is not only a great professional, attentive, competent, and very decisive, but also a great person in whom you can trust a process as important as this without hesitation; because you will always feel that you are in good hands. She was always close, accompanying me throughout the entire process. Even when I had many personal emergencies, she answered all my questions and requests quickly, she was in charge of preparing my file and was very patient while navigating any request from immigration. She has a lot of knowledge in the area and was able to guide me through it in order to find the best option that suited my case. Not only did she successfully complete my process, but she went above and beyond every step of the way because she was always interested in understanding my situation and looking for what was best for me. I have carried out all the processes of my family with her and her work team, and I will always return to her in the future if I require immigration assistance again. I especially want to thank Maritza for her invaluable attention, and for being so attentive to me, my family, and my case; I congratulate her on her great work, her services are excellent! I don't have enough words to thank her for her excellent work!

    Sarith L.
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    I recently sought the expertise of Maritza Sierra and the WCCIS Canadian Immigration Services Inc. team for my work permit application, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their exceptional knowledge of immigration laws and meticulous attention to detail streamlined the process for me. The team's professionalism and dedication to my case made a daunting experience feel like a breeze. I am beyond grateful and whole-heartedly recommend Maritza for anyone in need of top-notch immigration assistance!

    Andrea C.
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    My husband and I want to thank Maritza Sierra and her professional team of WCCIS Canadian Immigration Services Inc., for my husband's successful immigration (sponsorship) process. Maritza and her team were always there with us at all times.

    Maritza Sierra is a hard worker and great professional full of love and positivism. She was always accessible and willing to answer all our questions and concerns. They have a great knowledge of Canadian immigration processes and laws.

    We strongly recommend that WCCIS Canadian Immigration Services Inc. represent you in your Canadian immigration process.

    Thanks to you Maritza Sierra and to your wonderful team of WCCIS Canadian Immigration Services Inc., for helping us make our dream come true.  God bless you.  Lots of love !

    Pablo B. and Yolver M.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    Thanks to the services of WCCIS Canadian Immigration Services Inc., I obtained positive results in my immigration process. The experience and knowledge of the migratory processes on the part of Maritza and her team was very important and I thank her for her attention and help at all times. I always felt the willingness to help me and to offer me the options that best suited my case. Fully recommended!

    Angel R.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    Excellent consultant! She helped us a lot with our process, she was a great help. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!! Thanks Maritza!

    Liliana P.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    Thank you for all the hard work and for being so dedicated to my mom’s cause. My mom and I will be forever grateful and neither of us will hesitate to recommend you!

    The work you do has such an impact in the lives of the people you help. I’m sure that your life will be gratified because of that.

    Again, thanks for all. I wish you all the best!

    Sobeida D.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    I highly recommend the professional services of Maritza Sierra. Her experience and advice in my immigration process has been outstanding. All recommendations, assistance and support that I have received from her were very valuable. I feel very fortunate to have been her client!

    Bonny F.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    I would like to express my profound gratitude for your attentive and dedicated support with my immigration issue. Without your expertise, I could not have made it through the legal process to become a permanent resident. It was always handled with excellent care and professionalism by you and your staff, and you always treated my case or problem as your own. Without any doubt, I highly recommend WCCIS Canadian Immigration Services Inc. to anyone needing assistance!

    Marta I.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    I have used the services of Maritza Sierra in various processes and I can give testimonials of her extensive preparation, effectiveness, thoroughness, and availability. Excellent communication, great efficiency and professionalism are her traits that allow customers to achieve their goals, as in my case, for getting an extension of my status and the approval of the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds process, which will result in me obtaining my permanent residence.

    Martha B.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    Maritza Sierra has provided us with a comprehensive, diligent and responsible professional service. We have received excellent guidance on immigration procedures in Canada, and in particular, the legal advice that best suits our particular situation.

    We are pleased with the seriousness of her work, with the mastery she has over immigration laws and procedures, for her ability to respond, and the commitment assumed regarding our immigration situation. These have been the reasons why we hired her services to start, under her advice, the corresponding procedures before the Canadian government offices.

    Jose R.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    I highly recommend Maritza Sierra, not only for her professionalism, but for her ability to treat people more like a comprehensive friend than as a client. She has been a caring immigration consultant advocated to find solutions for my immigration needs.

    Marta B.
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    Maritza is a true winner !

    My wife and I are very satisfied with her work, and we plan to recommend her to anyone in need !

    She is our #1 pick !

    Anthony R.
  • Canadian Immigration Consultants Mississauga

    Excellent Service !

    My opinion about the excellent service received from Mrs. Maritza Sierra, is summarized in that she is a professional in her work, responsible, punctual, diligent, additionally a humanitarian person and concerned about every detail, to obtain the best possible result.

    Nathalia N.