About WCCIS Canadian Immigration Services Inc.

Immigration Consultant in Mississauga Ontario

We are a team dedicated to serving the Greater Toronto Area, as well as the Latin America population, in relation to the Canadian Immigration process, for applicants located both inside and outside of Canada. With more than 30 years of professional experience in the Canadian and Latin American legal fields, gives us an advantage in assisting you to successfully process your legal immigration status in Canada.

We are proficient in English and Spanish, which guarantees you a great level of personal communication. We will be the liaison between you and the Canadian Immigration institutions. Our tendency to be thorough and detail oriented has helped us to achieve a 98% success rate in our client’s applications. More than half of our clientele are repeat clients or referrals from pleased clients.

We look forward to serving you with your Canadian Immigration.

Warning: No one is authorized to receive any payment on behalf of WCCIS CANADIAN IMMIGRATION SERVICES INC., before you make any payment, ensure to make it only to the authorized accounts indicated by Maritza Sierra (RCIC)